is it illegal to order zoloft online San Francisco

It's funny when you picture a city and what it would be like before you visit - the buildings, the architecture the landscape, the transportation. The first time I ever visited San Francisco it was exactly how I envisioned it to be, from the different colored buildings stacked on top of each other, to the steepness of the streets, the trolley cars. I love visiting this city, and I had the pleasure of taking my sister to visit as her first trip to California ever. There's so much to do and see in SFO, and I can't wait to share with you (and add to, in the future) some of my favorite finds in the "City by the Bay."

pay Misoprostol Pier 39 - Beach Street & The Embarcadero

Pier 39 is a great place to check out when visiting San Fran. There's many restaurants, shops and activities to do. It's a pier built on the bay featuring places to grab a quick bite to eat or drink while checking out the scenic views or spotting sea lions.

 Ghiradelli Square - 900 North Point St

Not too far from Pier 39 is Ghiradelli Square. If your sweet tooth is kicking in Ghiradelli Chocolate company is the perfect place to go. It's the original Chocolate manufactory. If you walk inside you can order a delicious sundae, or buy some chocolate squares, which you get a free sample of one - by the way!

 Floating Sushi Boat - 700 Grant Ave

If you're looking for some amazing sushi, The Floating Sushi Boat is a must! Walk in, sit down right at the counter where the sushi chef prepares the sushi, puts it on a plate and sends it sailing, literally. The sushi is plated, then sits on little mini boats that float around the counter. You can grab whichever one looks appetizing to you. Each plate has a design on it. Pay is based on the amount of dollars assigned to the "design" and how many plates you get, so there's nothing fishy about the price! Eat as much or as little as you please!

 Union Square - 333 Post st.

Union Square is located in downtown San Francisco. It's a plaza with many department stores, gift shops, trendy boutiques, dining and events.

SF Wraps - 255 Kearny St

Just a few blocks from Union Square is one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat. It's called SF Wraps. They offer Mediterranean food, from gyros, salads, falafel and pastries. My favorite thing to order is the lamb gyro with a side of dolma, and the size of the wraps are huge! Make sure you save some room or save some of your meal for later because you'll be stuffed!

Redford - 673 Geary St

Redford is one of my recommended bars to pop in when visiting San Francisco. It's a loft style setting, with a cool urban vibe. Their happy hour is excellent and they serve everything from mixed drinks and liquors to beers on tap. Hungry? Don't forget to order some of their food, which judging by how hungry you are, the menu is separated into small, medium and large plates. If you get any bar food at all, the tater tots with spicy ketchup and aioli sauce are a MUST - my favorite! Yum!!

Bar 587 - 587 Post St

Stop in for a drink or two at Bar 587. This bar has a laid back and lounge type of atmosphere. You can order modern drinks, wines, beers and craft cocktails. The best part about this bar, is the bartenders can basically make any drink you want! Just tell them the base of the alcohol you prefer and what you are in the mood for, and they can whip up just about any concoction that'll satisfy your taste buds! I ordered a whiskey based drink infused with some honey and a lemon wedge. Gosh, I forget the name of it, but it was really good!!


Cako - 211 O'Farrell St

If you have a major sweet tooth like I do, you gotta stop by Cako. Order a cupcake or a Macaroon ice cream sandwich! They have lots of yummy flavors to choose from! It's the perfect little bite of dessert after a yummy dinner or just a sweet little treat while exploring the city!

Golden Gate Bridge

A staple tourist attraction of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge is a must see/do. While the Bay Area is usually covered in clouds/fog, we were lucky enough we got such a pretty day to snap a few photos!

I have yet to see it all in San Francisco, like visiting Alcatraz, and would love to know what other places and local eateries I need to try! Leave comments below or follow me and comment on my Instagram at TheFitFlight_Attendant!