Resistance band workouts are literally workouts you can do anywhere! All you need is just that - a resistance band. I got mine from Tone It Up. I bring mine with me literally everywhere as I keep one in my purse/carry-on and one in my suitcase!

Use them for a whole workout routine or for some extra toning. If you're constantly on the road and need a quick workout sesh or just want to try something new, I came up with a workout routine using just a resistance band. Sometimes I add a few of these exercises after my workout if I don't make it my full workout.

Below I posted six exercises for working out those legs using the band. Complete 3 sets of 15 reps before moving on to the next exercise! Get ready to feel the burn!!

Sumo Squats: Start with the band placed above your knees. Spread your feet a little wider than hip distance apart; toes pointed outwards. Squat down keeping your chest lifted, and concentrate on using your inner thighs to lift yourself back up.


Glute Kickbacks: Start by placing the band just above your ankles. Bend your waist slightly forward, keeping your hands on your hips for balance (or you can hold onto a wall or the back of a chair). Kick one foot back, squeezing your glute; return your foot to the starting position and repeat on the other side (complete 15 reps each side)


Hydrants: place the band just above your knees. Come onto all fours. Raise one leg towards the ceiling/sky, opening up your hip and lower. Repeat on the opposite side. (complete 15 reps on each leg - this one is a burner!!!)


Glute Bridges: Start with the band just above your knees. Raise your hips. While your hips are raised, open up your knees, stretching the resistance band. Return knees to the center and lower your hips back to starting position. Repeat for 15 reps.


Leg Abductions: Start with the band above your knees. Lay on one side of your body. Lift the top leg until you feel a stretch in the resistance band, and lower back down. Switch sides. (Complete 15 reps on each side)


Clam Shells: Start with the resistance band around your knees and lay on one side of your body (like the leg abduction exercise). In this exercise bend your legs, so that they aren't in a straight line. Lifting your top leg only, alternate between tapping knee-to-knee and heel-to heel. Switch sides for 15 reps each.

*You can see a whole video of how each move is performed by going to my InstaGram page @TheFitFlight_Attendant