Today I'm sharing a simple recipe for a tasty and fresh salad that my best friend Dida (Who is also a flight attendant) shared with me.

It's very easy to make, pack up, and take on the go with you. The recipe is listed below! All you need is a couple cucumbers, a few tomatoes, feta cheese, salt & pepper and olive oil. You can also add in bell peppers if you want!

-Dice up cucumbers
-Slice tomatoes
-Top with feta cheese, salt and pepper
-Olive oil for the dressing (or whatever you like to add!)

Optional: Dida recommends adding bell peppers for extra crunch

Once you mix it altogether, put it in a some Tupperware to take it with you for your travels. What are some of you favorite salads or ideas for recipes that you have found work for you on your trips? Let me know by commenting below!