This routine can be used at your own home, hotel when you're traveling, on a layove or a quick toning session if you're on vacation.

**Equipment needed: a set of dumbbells/medicine ball


ABS: (medicine ball optional) 

3x20 Russian twists (once per side equals one rep)

3x20 Toe touch crunches. (Place legs straight up in the air. Hold the weight in your hands & crunch all the way up until the weight touches your toes)

3x20 V-Sits holding the ball or weight in front of your chest (you can do this without a weight and hands on the floor by your sides if needed)

3x12 overhead shoulder press using dumbbells
3x12 standing Arnold press using dumbbells

3x12 Push-ups

3x12 dumbbell single rows
3x12 bicep curls

3x12 upright rows (using dumbbells)

3x12 dumbbell flys
3x12 dumbbell lateral raises

3x12 Tricep Push-ups